Mittwoch, 21 März 2018
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Exellence, Service & Professionalism

Emrich, Schötz und Partner (ESUP): Specialists in Business Law

Our priority is to assist you and your business in any possible way !

Emrich, Schötz und Partner concentrates on all legal questions regarding your bussiness. We can help you get established in the German and European market. We assist in protecting your assets, advise you in tax, labour, contract and trademark matters. If necessary, we also offer soulutions in times of crisis and the transfer of your business.

To go further, aside from the law of business, each of our partners also engages in other fields of law. Thus we offer all embracing solutions for all your legal challenges, including those arising from public and penal law. Although we prefer to offer solutions before a problem comes up, we are also qualified to represent you before German, Czech and European Courts.

We don`t believe in treating you as any other file. If desired, we offer a standing longtime bussiness relationship, including special services in accounting and training your employees. We especially suggest this approach in trademark matters, tax matters, accounting, and construction projects.

Our lean and efficient structures enable us to act quickly and - through our international contacts - worldwide. You will find our contacts in:

Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Den Hague, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Alicante, Zurich, Innsbruck, Vienna, Milano, Rome, Belgrade, Prague, Warswaw, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Athens, Ankara, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Teheran, Bombay, Beijing, Taipeh, Tokia, Pretoria, Ottawa, Chicago, New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Santiago.